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Protecting Your Capital Investment


When purchasing any investment such as a home, granny flat or cabin, you need to be certain that your asset will be protectedfor a very long time.


Ask yourself some important questions such as:-

  • Is my new granny flat or cabin built using steel frames or timber?
  • Is the flooring and walls prone to termite & insect attacks?
  • Can I be certain that my wall, roof and floor frames will not be at risk by timber rot in the long term?
  • Will the floor material be protected from water flooding? Is it water resistant?
  • How protected will my granny flat or cabin be in case of fire or in high risk fire areas?
  • Will the occupants be protected from dangerous mould in high damp areas?

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on your new granny flat or cabin unless you know that it will stand up to the elements and all our harsh Australian environment can throw at it.

We pride ourselves in building the most durable granny flats & cabins available in the market. Compare our design specs and materials with any of our competitors. If you find that ours is NOT the most durable granny flat or cabin available, please drop us a line and let us know.

What Makes Our Granny Flats & Cabins Superior?

There are a few considerable & unique advantages with all of our granny flats & cabins. Compare our list below and see if you are willing to compromise on your capital outlay.

  • Steel Wall & Roof Frame Construction – Every one of our granny flats and cabins use 100% steel for all wall & roof frames. We do not use timber for any of our frames! Using steel certainly is more expensive to use than timber, however we are not willing to compromise and believe that neither should you. Steel wall and roof frames will not rot, deteriorate or get eaten by insects hence will last longer than any timber however well they are treated. We offer steel frames, and charge our customers NO extra for this benefit. Compare our prices and see for yourself.
  • Steel Floor Frame, Bearers, Joists & Piers – As with our wall and roof frames, all our structure member under the floor is manufactured from steel. It starts with galvanized steel piers, bolted onto engineer approved concrete footings. The advantage of having piers which are done in this way is the ability to replace any of the piers easily and cheaply should you need to do so in the future for any reason. The bearers and joists are also galvanized steel which again gives superior strength compared to timber and is far more durable than any timber. The use of steel in all sub-floor structures gives protection against termites and rot exactly where you need it most.
  • Unique Floor Material, 100% Termite Proof – We DO NOT use particle board or ply flooring in any of our granny flats or cabins. Our floors used in the construction of all our granny flats and cabins have unique properties and are much lighter and stronger PLUS have the superior advantage of being 100% Termite Proof. We don’t need to go into how expensive repairs can be when termites have invested a building. With our floors, this will never be an issue guaranteeing you peace of mind knowing that termites will not be an issue. You can be certain that our floors will never be attacked by the dreaded termite. Another reason why investing in one of our granny flats or cabins is a sure way of protecting your investment. Composed from non-toxic materials, it is also impervious to termites and insects.
  • Unique Floor Material, 100% Fire Resistant – Our floor construction material gives you the added protection against fire. This is because the unique floor system is 100% Fire Resistant, unlike timber, ply or particle board flooring. It is not flammable and will not burn in a fire storm and does not ignite under ember attacks. It has been tested to 1200oC with no combustion or flame out and meets strict BAL-40 regulations. Don’t settle for anything else when it comes to the safety of your investment or family. If you’re an investor, having a 100% fire resistant floor gives you added peace of mind.
  • Unique Floor Material, 100% Water Resistant – The unique floor material is also 100% Water Resistant, which means that your floor will not deteriorate in water conditions such as floods and has zero water retention. Due to its water resistant properties it is also 100% resistant to mould and mildew. If you are unlucky to have water enter your home, you can be totally re-assured that your granny flat or cabin structure will stand the toughest test any water conditions can throw at it. This property coupled with our 100% steel frame construction ensures that your granny flat or cabin is protected, even in areas that are prone to possibility flooding.
  • Environmentally Friendly – One other benefit of our flooring system is that the flooring material used in our granny flats & cabins helps to protect our environment. The manufacturing process produces 90% less pollutants when compared to other cement based products such as CFC (Compressed Fibre Cement). Unlike cement and plasterboards which use kiln temperatures in excess of 1300 oC, compared to temperatures of around 650oC in the manufacturing of our floor boards. By reclaiming about 90% of the CO2 used to produce, it is virtually a Carbon Neutral product. It is also 100% recyclable.
  • It is Safe! – Manufactured from a mixture of non organic minerals, bonders and composites, the flooring material used in all our granny flats & cabins is a newly developed modern building board. It is 100% SAFE as it contains: NO Formaldehyde – NO Asbestos – NO Toxic Chemicals