Granny Flats are ideal for INVESTORS who want an amazing return on their investment. If you own your own home or other rental investment properties, why not purchase and install a Granny Flat and collect a stream of cash from the granny flat rental. If you own an investment property, you can earn a second income from the granny flat. Dual income from one property is a sure safe way to increase your wealth portfolio.


The choices you have in collecting an incredible additional income is only limited to your imagination. Depending on the area where you are, rental returns in Sydney, NSW for our Lindeman 2-bedroom granny flat, will reward you with an income of between $350 – $450 per week. How’s that for additional cash? And even if you borrow the full amount, it is still a POSITIVE Cash-flow investment.
You will be AMAZED at the high net returns which your investment property can achieve. Our granny flat clients are earning a fantastic return of around 16% – 24% from their granny flat investment. If you combine the rental from the main house and the granny flat out the back, the total investment can return a positive cash-flow investment property in the highly sought Sydney property market.


Not only will you be rewarded with a fantastic cash-flow return from your positive geared Sydney property, but you will also increase the asset value of your property once the granny flat is built. How’s that for a winning strategy – additional positive income as well as a substantial increase in your property equity AT THE SAME TIME!


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