Jay – North Curl Curl, NSW

To Affordable Granny Flats.

In 2011, I purchased a 2-bedroom Granny Flat – the ‘Bundaroo’ Deluxe, from Site Establishments Pty Ltd (Affordable Granny Flats & Cabins). The following is a summary of my dealings with the company and how it all happened.

Firstly, on visiting the showroom early in the year, I was impressed by the finished product, especially the inclusions and quality of finishes. The design and layout was suitable to my needs and the pricing was within my budget.

Secondly, Modular Movers went out to my site to advise if they could transport and crane in the ‘Bundaroo’ into the correct position. My site was quite narrow and ackward, but they still said YES!

Thirdly, we got the certification process going including drawing of site plans & stormwater design. This took around 8 weeks for approval of the development. Next we signed the contract, paid the 1st instalment, and got the construction on the way. Fourteen weeks later the ‘Bunderoo’ was mostly completed and transported into position.

The building looked great inside and out. There were a few minor details that required attention and completion. The team at Affordable did their best to finish off and get it all done by the agreed time.

I really enjoyed dealing with them, because they always promptly reply to my emails and phone calls. They always provide answers to my many questions.

The other good thing is, you get to mostly deal with one person from start to finish. This is good because you don’t have to repeat yourself and messages don’t get lost between people!

So thank you Lilly Sas for all your help and good work throughout the whole process. I would like to congratulate you and everyone at Affordable an sister companies for doing a terrific job and meeting my expectations.

I highly recommend anyone to do business with you, and if the opportunity arises, I will also do likewise.