Granny Flat Builders Western Sydney

Our granny flat builders Western Sydney can conceptualize the perfect secondary dwelling on your property and bring the project to life quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Whether you’re looking for a portable home, an office, new portable classroom facilities, or a specialized building for your business, we’ve got it all covered. We’ve been working in the area for over twelve years, and our residential and professional clients love our affordable, professional service. Our granny flat builders design some of the area’s most stunning portable buildings, and each and every one of our structures is built to stand the test of time with 100% steel frames and quality materials.


Portable housing is springing up all over Western Sydney as the idea of secondary living space is really starting to catch on with residents and local businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for more living space, a separate home office, a place for elderly relatives to live semi-independently, or separate accommodations for young adults and teens living at home, we’ve got your project covered from concept to construction. Give us a little bit of information about your specifications and we’ll draft up something perfect for you with our team of top-tier architects, designers, and specialists.


Well-constructed secondary buildings can really add value onto your property on the whole. If you’re thinking in the long term, having a portable building on your property might be a very good investment for you to consider. For businesses who require separate facilities for a dedicated team or specific purpose, we can build a portable building on your property to suit your needs for some of the most affordable rates in the industry. We customize every aspect of your order to exceed your expectations. With a commitment to the highest quality service across the board, there are no other portable buildings construction specialists in the area who do it better than we do.