When purchasing any investment such as a home or granny flat, you need to be certain that your asset will be protected for a very long time. Don’t spend your hard-earned money on building your home or granny flat unless you know that it will stand the elements that our harsh Australian environment can throw at it. We pride ourselves in building the most durable granny flats available in the industry.


Don’t settle for anything else when it comes to the safety of your investment or family.


Compare our design specs and materials with any of our competitors. If you find that ours is NOT the most durable granny flat available, please drop us a line and let us know.



What Makes Our Granny Flats Superior?


There are some considerable & unique advantages with all of our granny flat models when comparing to other builder’s product. One of the most obvious advantage is the use of Steel Frame on all our granny flat construction projects. We use Steel Frame as standard with NO additional extra charge to our customers.


Steel Wall & Roof Frame Construction

Every one of our granny flats use 100% steel for all wall & roof frames. We do not use timber for any of our frames!


Steel Floor Frame, Bearers, Joists & Piers

As with our wall and roof frames, all our structure members under the floor is manufactured from steel. Piers, bearers and joists are all galvanized steel for added benefits.



Advantages of STEEL FRAME?


100% Termite and Insect Proof

Wall and roof frames made from Steel  are 100% termite and borer proof. As a result, no harmful chemicals and treatments are required to protect your investment from insect attack. This added protection protects the life of your home and asset from expensive future repairs or loss.



As Steel is non-combustible, it significantly reduces the amount of flammable material in the home.


Strength and Durability of Steel

The inherent strength and durability of steel provides your investment with the ultimate protection and structural integrity steel can offer in any environmental climate or condition. It will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your asset is protected by the strength of steel.


Steel is Straight and True

Not only are Steel Frames engineered to be dimensionally accurate, they also stay true. Steel Frames will not shrink, twist or warp like timber. This reduces problems found with timber such as cracking cornices and joints, jamming doors, sticking windows and wavy wall and roof lines.


Design Flexibility

The use of Steel Frames enables innovative designs and non-conventional roof lines. This helps to create distinctive, highly individualised homes. This is achieved due to the high strength-to-weight ratio of steel roof framing which allows for longer spans, creating larger, more open living areas.


A Healthier Solution

As Steel Frames do not require chemical treatments, and is therefore recognised as a healthy alternative for people who suffer from asthma and intolerance to harmful chemical substances.


A Recyclable Material

Steel is one of the most recycled materials on the planet. It is the choice of material for those who are concerned for our environment and our planet.  Not only is steel recyclable but is also made with components of recycled steel.


NO Additional Cost

We provide Steel Frame at no additional cost to you. How can we do this? We roll our own steel sections and build the frames in-house. The steel frame panels are then transported to site and erected. This gives us a significant advantage and these benefits are passed on directly to our customers.